Reflash ECM Services

Automotive Reflash ECM Service
In an effort to extract as much money as possible from consumers, certain auto manufacturers decided it would be a good idea to force you to purchase a whole new computer or ECM for your vehicle if you lost all the keys. This could cost over a thousand dollars. After a public outcry, they allowed the computers to be reprogrammed rather than replaced. This still doesn’t help if you have one of these vehicles –

ES300 (98-03) ES330 (04-06) GS300 (98-03) GS400 (98-00) GS430 (01-03) GX470 (03-04) IS300 (01-03) LS400 (97-00) LS430 (01-04) LX470 (98-05) RX330 (04-06) RX400 (04-06) SC430 (02-06)

4RUNNER (98-06) AVALON (98-04) CAMRY (98-06) COROLLA (05-06) HIGHLANDER (01-06) LAND CRUISER (98-06) MATRIX (05-06) MR2 (00-05) (Additional $24.00 for special keys) PRIUS (01-06) RAV 4 (02-07) SEQUOIA (01-06)
SIENNA (98-06) SOLARA (98-06) TACOMA (05-07)

1996-2004 Acura 3.5RL

1997-2004 Acura NSX

1997-2002 Honda Prelude

We have the equipment to “reflash” the ecm chip. We remove the computer – reset the brains of the unit and then reinstall it allowing your car to accept new keys. This can save you thousands of dollars ! Please give us a call to get a quote on your specific car.