Clone of Existing Transponder Keys

Duplicate Clone Transponder Keys
So you have a vehicle that has a transponder or “Chip” key required to start the vehicle. You just want a spare key but when you call the dealership they tell you that you have to purchase a key or two and then have the vehicle reprogrammed. Some vehicles require more than one key – it can get really confusing. We have the most advanced equipment to clone your existing key which basically reads the chip in your existing key and writes that value on a new special clone key. This can literally save you hundreds of dollars over the dealer.
We have multiple machines dedicated to cloning most automotive keys. Here are some advantages of a clone key –
Saves Time: Sometimes programming cars can be a time consuming process. Cloning most cars only takes a couple of minutes and does not even involve walking farther than from the truck to the car.
Copy Keys Without the Car Present: With the exception of Philips 46 chips (about 35% of the market), you can clone keys without having to visit the vehicle. Much easier that having to have the vehicle.
Unlimited Copies: Most cars have a limit of only 4 or 8 keys that can be programmed into the system at any one time. With cloning, the vehicle thinks every cloned key is the original, so you can really create an unlimited number of keys that will operate the vehicle.
PIN Codes? Ugh. Forget about having to worry about getting access to PIN Codes or BCM code conversions. Cloning bypasses the need for that.
Copy Valet Keys: For some cars, especially some older Toyotas with a first generation transponder system, creating more keys when only a Valet key is left can be an extremely costly thing. You can now make as many copies as needed.
Honda “Red & Black Key” Systems: Some Hondas & Acuras with a first generation transponder system require a RED key that was sold with the car in order to program in new keys. 10-13 years have passed since those cars were sold and I am extremely surprised to find anyone that still has their red key. Without a clone the customer could have to pay $400-$600 to reflash the ECU in order to get extra keys made. Now you can get keys copied for as little as $65.
Save Money By getting only functioning backup key: Some remote headed keys run up to $300.00 each but many times you can clone a key for 1/4 of that cost for piece of mind should you loose your keys.
In addition to standard clone / transponder key copies we also have specialty keys available for specific cars
300/300C: 2008-2010Town & Country: 2008-2013
Challenger: 2008-2012, Charger 2008-2010, Dart: 2013,Durango: 2011-2013, Grand Caravan: 2008-2013, Journey: 2009-2010, Magnum: 2008, Ram 1500: 2009
Commander: 2008-2010, Grand Cherokee: 2008-2013
1500: 2010-2013, 2500/3500 Heavy Duty: 2010-2012, 3500/4500/5500 Chassis Cab: 2011-2012, Tradesman C/V: 2012-2013
Universal FOB head for Toyota Prius Keyless Systems
Includes TR22P Emergency Key
APPLICATIONS: Prius: 2004-2008

Universal FOB head for BMW Smart Key Systems with Pushbutton Start


Includes BM22P High Security Emergency Key


1 Series: 2007-2010, 3 Series: 2005-2011

5 Series: 2004-2010, 6 Series: 2004-2010

745i: 2006-2008, X5: 2007-2011

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