Automotive Ignition Repair

Affordable Locksmith Ignition Repair Services
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Many times the dealer or local repair shop tells you they can only replace your ignition but we can repair your existing ignition saving you $$$$
We do service work for many of the larger dealerships and I cant tell you how many times I am called to rekey a brand new ignition so the doors and ignition key remains the same. Sadly most of the time the car didn’t need a $300 or $400 ignition assembly – they needed a new key and / or repair. I always think – dang I wish they had called me first.
Ignitions have problems for a variety of reasons. With the advent of the new transponder keys folks are much more careful to not loose one of those expensive keys but sadly those keys after continual use do wear out. When that happens the worn key can actually damage the ignition.
Cars that are the most prone to these problems are Ford ( especially the Focus models ) Toyota, Lexus, Infinity, Nissan, Saturn, GM, and Honda especially. All cars can experience problems if the key is worn.
We diagnose the issues with the keys and ignition – cut new keys if needed and replace the worn parts INSIDE the ignition rather than forcing you to buy a whole new assembly and unlike many auto repair shops prevent you from having to have two different keys because someone destroyed the original ignition rather than repairing it.
Please give me a call and I can usually give you an estimate over the phone depending on your particular car and get you back on the road.
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